One Late Night



Terror in the office


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One Late Night is a horror game in first person in which players take on the role of a security guard for a group of offices, who must pass, what at first seems like a quiet night, without getting startled.

The mechanics of the game are very simple. You can only move with the arrow keys through all the offices and interact minimally with the environment, opening and closing doors and drawers, or taking some other object.

That will be the beginning of the story, of course, because as the night draws on strange things begin to happen around you. At first, it will be just strange messages on your computer screen or a phone ringing, but the time will come when there will be real fear.

Graphically, One Late Night is an outstanding title being a free and independent game. The scenarios are very detailed and the textures are awesome. In addition, the lighting effects are very well done.

One Late Night is a scary game, that really gets scary. At all times, you feel helpless against the unknown threats, and discover that the peaceful offices where you start the story, can start to become terrifying.
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